Valerie Loredo Honored with Teacher of The Year Award

Graphic of Teacher Valerie Loredo

In May, our very own kindergarten teacher, Valerie Loredo, was named the South Valley Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year 2021-2022. This tremendous achievement was a culmination of many years of hard work and dedication towards her craft. We reached out directly to Mrs. Loredo to congratulate her and gather more insight behind this momentous occasion:

Q1: What does winning the Teacher of the Year Award mean to you?

A1: It is truly an honor to be recognized as the Teacher of the Year! It was something I definitely wasn’t expecting. I always strived to be the best teacher I can be for my students and improve myself over the years. I feel grateful to be recognized for my efforts.

Q2: Do you have anyone you would like to thank that brought you to this point?

A2: There are so many people I could thank for helping me reach this point in my career! Education is such a collaborative profession, and I have learned so much from all the people I have worked with! Thank you to all of my teacher friends who I have had the great honor of working with, and to my family for helping me pursue my career and furthering my education.

Q3: Now that you are an award-winning teacher, what are the next steps in your life, do you have anything excited planned for the future?

A3: I have really enjoyed going back to school to further my education. Sometime in the future, I plan to go back to school for an endorsement or another degree of some kind.

Q4: Last question, flashback to the past when you were in elementary school. Did you expect yourself to get to this point in your career? Were you even considering being a teacher?

A4: Looking back at elementary school, I always paid very close attention to details in my classrooms. I remember what the classrooms looked like, what the desks were like, how the room was organized, and where everything was kept. I would watch how my teachers acted and what supplies they would use. I remember collecting different school supplies, things my teachers gave to me, and just really admiring all the different educators in my life. I guess I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.

Thank you, Mrs. Loredo for your time, and congratulations once again!

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